New York Espresso Beans Mix 8 oz. Bag. 5 different chocolate espresso beans together: Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans, Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans, Coffee & Creme (espresso beans panned in creamy couverture then rolled and speckled with ground coffee), Cappuccino (espresso beans in a thin layer of dark chocolate then covered in white chocolate), Espresso Twist (espresso beans layered with marbled dark, milk, and white chocolate).

Due to the HOT summer heat, if your order contains CHOCOLATES, a cold packaging fee will automatically be added into the shipping rate at checkout. This fee is for the additional packaging and cold pack(s) required to get your order to you in good condition. Depending on the shipping destination, shipping dates may be adjusted by KREMA to ensure that chocolate items do not sit over a weekend. Please email nuts@krema.com or call us at 800-222-4132 if you have any questions.

New York Espresso Beans Mix 8 oz. Bag

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